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The climate change

is the greatest challenge facing mankind - this was said by a clear majority of EU citizens before the Corona crisis, and the signs are good that this will soon be the case again. Fortunately. Because awareness of the consequences of climate change was not always so present; it is a social achievement, especially of the younger generations, that this issue has now managed to achieve the visibility it deserves.

We, the founders of CO₂free, are parents, godfathers and grandfathers ourselves. That's why we want to explicitly emphasize: the impetus for our idea for our CO₂free climate protection app came from our children, godchildren and grandchildren. They are an active part of the movement that is taking to the streets with thousands of people worldwide for the future of our planet. In our families and discussions, we wanted to stop just watching others finally implement more consistent climate policies through the Paris Agreement. We will only get further if we all start to change a little bit ourselves as well.

As a team, global warming and its consequences have always been a concern that drives us - however diverse our professional backgrounds. What also unites us, besides our responsibility for the planet and future generations, is working with and in the digital world. 

Even if we are no longer digital natives by birth, we have not only experienced the digital transformation of our living and working environments, but also helped to shape it. These two drivers quickly led us to each other and raised the question: Why don't we bring active climate protection to the smartphone? So the idea for CO₂free was born.

What is clear, however, is that there is still a lot of education to be done. For too many, the digital world seems to be a blind spot in the debate about the climate crisis. The negative effects of flying are now known to almost everyone, but what our everyday companions smartphone and laptop do inside and outside the cloud is far less well known.

As long as the energy for the digital networking of the world does not come 100% from renewable sources, we must try to reduce and compensate for this energy consumption as best we can. But in order to really take everyone along with us here, it is important not to completely negate the benefits of the digital world and the quality of life that comes with it: It's not a matter of doing without smartphones, but of using them in a more climate-conscious way.

Of course, there is a certain contradiction in the fact of demanding stronger climate protection and being online almost all the time. But how do we humans as social beings want to stay in touch with our family and our friends in times of a global pandemic? That's why we want to resolve this supposed contradiction with a new building block for the future of the planet: our app for digital climate protection.

We are convinced that this idea will only work if it raises awareness, educates and provides positive incentives. We are smartphone users ourselves. By looking at our own usage behavior, we realized that an approach is needed that doesn't come along with a raised forefinger, but rather fits playfully into everyday life. It shows the effects of our digital existence and gives tips on how to reduce or even compensate for these effects.

Our children, godchildren and grandchildren are excited about the idea of an app that we can all use every day to contribute to a more sustainable future - whether we're on the S-Bahn on the way to work, waiting in line at the supermarket or waiting in a café. We hope you like our idea just as much.

How the app works you can learn here.

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Our Values

Ein Problem der Digitalisierung mit einem digitalen Produkt bekämpfen? Was zunächst paradox klingt, haben wir von Anfang an mit bedacht und entsprechende Werte und Praktiken in unserem Projekt fest verankert. So gleichen wir eigene Emissionen, die durch unsere App, die Website, Server etc. entstehen, selbst aus und verwenden möglichst energiesparende Tools in der täglichen Arbeit. In der Zusammenarbeit mit Dienstleister:innen wählen wir explizit nachhaltige aus. Zudem publizieren wir regelmäßig die eigene CO₂-Bilanz und unterstützen Neukund:innen aktiv beim Umweltschutz, indem wir für jeden Download 1kg CO₂ neutralisieren.

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