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Are you fed up with rising electricity prices? Then we have the right solution for you and your rooftop

Secure cheap solar power: GreenRock Energy builds their photovoltaic system on the roof of your house.

Prices in Germany are rising. Not just for food, but for energy in particular. Gasoline and gas have already reached a two-year high. Electricity prices are also expected to rise again in the coming years. But you can take precautions - with a photovoltaic system from GreenRock Energy on your roof - without any start-up capital.

With the CO₂free climate protection app and partner GreenRock Energy, you can save around 50 percent of your electricity costs over the next 20 years. Here's how it works: You provide your roof space, GreenRock Energy installs a photovoltaic system for you free of charge and guarantees you a fixed electricity price for the solar power generated on your roof by the sun. You rent your roof area to GreenRock Energy. If you sign up via the CO₂free app within the next six months, you are guaranteed to pay only 17.9 cents per kilowatt hour for green electricity - stable for the next 20 years.

This is what Martin Kofler, CEO of Greenrock Energy, has to say about it: "We build photovoltaic systems for our customers free of charge so that they can both save money and avoid their CO₂ emissions. We work proactively and enthusiastically take responsibility for a clean environment every day."

With the CO₂free electricity tariff together with Green Rock Energy, you can both protect the climate and the environment and save money. In the future, your electricity will not only come from your own roof, but will also be generated in an environmentally friendly way using solar energy - and without any risk. GreenRock Energy will take care of the maintenance and operation of your PV system for you.

Good for the climate, good for you: save money and protect the environment with the CO₂free solar power tariff with GreenRock Energy.

Investment in the future

The CO₂ saved not only benefits the environment, but also pays off for you. For every kilogram of CO₂ saved compared to the one-third mix in your region, you will receive rewards in the form of tokens that you can trade, invest, and use for sustainable consumption in the CO₂free green marketplace.

Download the climate protection app

CO₂free and GreenRock Energy are two strong partners for environmental protection who have set themselves the goal of making environmental protection possible without sacrificing anything.

Are you curious? Then write to info@co2free.com and visit www.greenrock.energy and get the CO₂free app from the Google Playstore and the Apple App Store.

This is CO₂free

And that's us: CO₂free is the app that makes climate protection easy for every smartphone user. With our app, you can delete unused photos, videos and files that would otherwise be stored as data waste on CO2-intensive servers. You only delete photos you no longer need with our app - you decide which ones they are. Guaranteed. Every photo you delete saves CO₂. With our partners, we reward you for your CO2 savings.

CO₂free itself is climate neutral!


● offset own emissions (app, website, server, etc.)

● use energy-saving tools as much as possible and are on the windcloudserver

● work together with sustainable service providers

● Regularly publish their own CO₂ balance sheet

● have a seal for the website (climate-neutral website)

● Offer new customers free neutralization of 1kg CO₂ when downloading the app.

Become a part of our digital climate movement now and download the app!