The Problem

The digital user behavior of our time leads to enormous amounts of data that require enormous amounts of energy. For example, Facebook alone emits as much CO2 as 30,000 citizens in the European Union combined, while the global CO₂ footprint of the Internet is comparable to that of air travel.

By 2025, the amount of data generated each year could rise to 175 zettabytes, contributing significantly to the increase in CO₂ emissions from the ICT* sector. By 2040, emissions from this sector could account for 14% of total global emissions.

Our part of the solution

CO₂free is designed to help individuals and companies reduce their digital carbon footprint. To this end, we have developed an app that smartphone users can use to actively improve their carbon footprint for the first time. With a swipe, old, unimportant or duplicate files, photos and videos can be deleted, thus saving a massive amount of data.

In addition, the app makes it possible to offset the "smartphone climate effects" by having CO₂ certificates set aside directly via the program.

The team behind

We are a team that combines its vision for a CO₂-conscious approach to data with entrepreneurial thinking, enthusiasm for corporate co-determination and experience in the digital economy. We see ourselves as an integrative and pragmatic force far removed from the antitheses of abandonment and waste.

Because our team is convinced that conscious consumption and a good conscience do not have to be a contradiction.

* ICT = Informations – and communications technology
*ICT = information - and communications technology
Sources: Information Service of the German Economy (2019); European Commission (2020); Federal Environment Agency (2018, 2020)

Julian Raeder

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The three core functions of the

CO₂ App


Our app scans the files, photos and videos on your smartphone and shows you at a glance how much greenhouse gas they cause


A lot of data on your smartphone is outdated or obsolete - for example, because the perfect selfie often doesn't succeed on the first try. Our app suggests such photos and videos; you can delete them with just one swipe.


With the app, you can ask us to decommission CO₂ certificates to offset your remaining footprint. You also get a climate protection plus, because the app eats less energy than we compensate for each download.


for Users and Businesses

Climate protection image

In addition to the opportunity to become a CO₂free partner, companies can offer their employees incentives for climate protection. For companies, this brings additional image benefits, and they also strengthen their employer brand, making them more attractive to new (skilled) employees. The topic of "sustainable employer" is playing an increasingly important role, especially among younger applicants, and can decide which job high potentials accept.


All users who use our CO₂free app collect bonus points. They can exchange these points for vouchers and discounts from companies. As a corporate partner, you have the opportunity to position your own attractive offers and purchasing tips here in order to increase your sales and attract (new) customers among our climate-conscious active app users.

Quality seal

The users of our app receive a digital personalized seal of approval that mentions their name and the duration of their membership. The seal can be included in email signatures and social media channels, for example. This increases the visibility of CO₂free and encourages more people to use our app - and thus also increases the reach of companies in our network.