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Our digital lifestyle generates a lot of greenhouse gas: Facebook's energy consumption alone produces as much CO₂ as 30,000 citizen:s in the European Union combined, and the Internet's ecological footprint is comparable to that of air travel. By 2040, emissions from the ICT* sector could account for 14% of total global emissions.

* ICT = Informations – and communications technology
*ICT = information - and communications technology
Sources: Information Service of the German Economy (2019); European Commission (2020); Federal Environment Agency (2018, 2020)

We have developed an app with which users can actively improve their climate footprint!

We have developed an app with which users can actively improve their climate footprint!

In addition, the app makes it possible to offset the "smartphone climate effects" by having CO₂ certificates set aside directly via the program.

The three core functions of the

CO₂ App


Our app scans the files, photos and videos on your smartphone and shows you at a glance how much greenhouse gas they cause


A lot of data on your smartphone is outdated or obsolete - for example, because the perfect selfie often doesn't succeed on the first try. Our app suggests such photos and videos; you can delete them with just one swipe.


With the app, you can ask us to decommission CO₂ certificates to offset your remaining footprint. You also get a climate protection plus, because the app eats less energy than we compensate for each download.

CO₂free itself is climate neutral!



● offset own emissions (app, website, server, etc.)

● use energy-saving tools as much as possible and are on the windcloudserver

● work together with sustainable service providers

● Regularly publish their own CO₂ balance sheet

● have a seal for the website (climate-neutral website)

● Offer new customers free neutralization of 1kg CO₂ when downloading the app.


Become a part of our digital climate movement now and download the app!