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Many people first think of airplanes, cruise ships, factories and the like when they think of greenhouse gases. But one area is still often neglected in this context: our current digital user behavior on the Internet, whose global CO₂ footprint is comparable to that of air travel. Facebook alone already emits as much CO₂ as 30,000 citizens in the European Union combined. By 2025, the amount of data generated annually could rise to 175 zettabytes, contributing significantly to the increase in CO₂ emissions from the ICT* sector. By 2040, emissions from this sector could account for 14% of total global emissions.

CO₂free is designed to help individuals and companies reduce their digital carbon footprint. To this end, we have developed an app that smartphone users can use to actively improve their carbon footprint for the first time. With a swipe, old, unimportant or duplicate files, photos and videos can be deleted, thus saving a massive amount of data.

Users can also use the app to offset the remaining climate effects of their smartphone use by commissioning CO₂free to set aside CO₂ certificates in line with their own ecological footprint.

This is also exciting for companies and other organizations, because they can use the app to strengthen their own climate commitment, encourage their customers to protect the climate, and also receive valuable exclusive data generated by our app as part of corporate partnerships.

It's easy to join: As a company, you pay a license fee to become part of the CO₂free network. This gives them business access and allows them to use the app to advertise, issue vouchers to customers for the paid-for part of CO₂free, and encourage users to make use of the CO₂ certificate set-aside.

* ICT = Informations – and communications technology
*ICT = information - and communications technology
Sources: Information Service of the German Economy (2019); European Commission (2020); Federal Environment Agency (2018, 2020)

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In addition to the opportunity to become a CO₂free partner, companies can offer their employees incentives for climate protection. For companies, this brings additional image benefits, and they also strengthen their employer brand, making them more attractive to new (skilled) employees. The topic of "sustainable employer" is playing an increasingly important role, especially among younger applicants, and can decide which job high potentials accept.


All users who use our CO₂free app collect bonus points. They can exchange these points for vouchers and discounts from companies. As a corporate partner, you have the opportunity to position your own attractive offers and purchasing tips here in order to increase your sales and attract (new) customers among our climate-conscious active app users.

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Die Nutzer:innen unserer App bekommen ein digitales personalisiertes Gütesiegel. Das Siegel kann bspw. in E-Mail-Signaturen und Social-Media-Kanälen eingebunden werden. Das steigert die Sichtbarkeit von CO₂free und ermuntert mehr Menschen, unsere App zu nutzen – und erhöht damit auch die Reichweite der Unternehmen in unserem Netzwerk.